Volunteer Now

London’s loaded with a multitude of rewarding volunteering opportunities – the information on this page will help you to get in touch with local organisers.

Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering exposes you to new situations, people and experiences.
  • Volunteering can also help you to develop the confidence to try out different things.
  • To give life more structure
  • Volunteering is a great way for people who are unable to work, or who have retired, to find constructive things to do with their spare time.
  • To find new hobbies or interests
  • Volunteering offers you the chance to have amazing experiences, and to make friends with people from all walks of life.
  • To find a new job or get back into work
  • Just a couple of hours a week can really enhance your job prospects, help to plug any gaps in your work experience and give you a range of new skills.
  • To get a reference or experience for a job
  • Over 70% of employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience over someone who has never volunteered.
  • To help other people and make your community a better place to live
  • Volunteering also helps you to contribute to society by giving something back.
  • To improve your physical and mental health
  • To feel part of your community

Who can volunteer?

Volunteering is for everyone, regardless of age, employment status and abilities. Most volunteers have a great time volunteering and recommend it to others. Volunteering is not just about giving. It is a two-way exchange of skills and experience, provides a way to meet new people and find out more about your community, and can be great fun and very rewarding. Meet some of our volunteers and read about their volunteering experiences.

How do I get started?

Sometimes it feels hard to get started, but now you’re in the right place. There are thousands of volunteering opportunities in London covering all professional careers, ranging from admin work to finance, media, PR, to working in schools, with children or older people.  Find more volunteering opportunities by contacting your local Volunteer Centre. Your local Volunteer Centre can suggest the right volunteering opportunity for you and has answers to all your volunteering related questions. You can find your local Volunteer Centre here.

From time to time we also promote local events that are keen to involve volunteers. Take a look at our volunteering events calendar here.

Our other partners, stakeholders & members

GLV’s membership continues to grow and diversify – our current non-Volunteer Centre members are listed below and most of these organisations will have their own in-house volunteering programmes.

Age UK

Blenheim CDP

Crisis UK

Evolve Housing


Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN)

London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC)

National Army Museum

One Support


Royal British Legion



South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM)

Three Elements Volunteering