Volunteer Centre Hillingdon
Key House, 106 High Street, Yiewsley, Middlesex, UB7 7HJ
Telephone: 01895 442 730
Email: volunteering@havs.org.uk
Website: www.havs.org.uk/volunteering

Hillingdon Volunteer Centre is part of HAVS (Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services). They actively recruit volunteers, matching their skills with opportunities in voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. They also offer volunteers support by providing them with advice and information. The Volunteer Centre also works closely with many local organisations using or seeking volunteers, offering free advice, information and guidance in the use of volunteers whilst promoting equal opportunities and good practice.

Anyone can volunteer. Whatever your ethnic background, whatever your age, whatever your abilities or disabilities. Whether you are male or female, employed or not, retired, a student, a refugee or asylum seeker. If you receive benefits, volunteering will not affect them and you do not need any qualifications or experience. So whatever your circumstances, you could volunteer. Individuals that may benefit from your volunteering could be people with disabilities, older people, young people and children, people with mental health problems and people from many different cultures and backgrounds. If you are interested ring the Volunteer Centre on 01895 442 730 or visitVolunteer Centre Hillingdon website.

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