Volunteer Centre Hackney
Unit 13 Springfield House, 5 Tysen Street,  Hackney, London, E8 2LY
Telephone: 020 7241 4443
Email: info@vchackney.org
Website: http://www.vchackney.org/

People volunteer for various reasons; to meet people, to develop new skills, to get involved in helping their community, as a way of helping them get paid employment, to try out something they may be considering as a career, for experience required as part of a training course, to take up a new interest, to share what they know with others, to obtain accredited training or certificates of achievement, because they like the challenge many volunteering opportunities can offer, or simply to occupy themselves positively. They can refer you to volunteer in an organisation, based on what you want to do. To start volunteering e-mail volunteer@hackneyvoluntaryaction.org.uk for a registration form, or contact 020 7241 4443 ext 32 to make an appointment at the Volunteer Centre.

HVA maintains a borough-wide database of volunteer vacancies and provides this information to over 1000 people per year who are interested in volunteering. These vacancies are also displayed on the national www.do-it.org.uk website. HVA also list your vacancies directly in urgent opportunities bulletins and emails distributed across the borough. Through the
Volunteer Programme Development and Support, HVA provides information and support on setting-up new volunteer programmes, providing good practice information on the involvement of volunteers and answers your questions about volunteering issues. Find out more and register online or email qdm@hackneyvoluntaryaction.org.uk.

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