Volunteer Centre Greenwich

Equitable House, Suite 205 – 206, 2nd floor,
10 Woolwich New Road, London SE18 6AB

Telephone:  020 8317 3817
Email: info@volunteercentregreewich.org.uk
Website: www.vcgreenwich.org.uk

Local residents, students and workers can volunteer to do just about anything. They can volunteer to rescue people from mountains, to farm organically, build houses, write a magazine, judge criminals as a magistrate, office administration, be a trustee or fix computers. There are organisations out there that cater for every interest and minority group imaginable. Volunteering is about choice. Choose something you like doing, or you want to learn to do. Give some thought to what you might be able to give others and what you might get out of volunteering yourself. Decide how much time you can afford to commit each week – don’t overload yourself. Think about what you are good at. Think about what you would like to do with your time. Talk to friends about it. Talk to someone who volunteers already. Volunteers can register online by going directly to the Do-it web site. Alternatively, phone Volunteer Centre Greenwich and book yourself an appointment. They can help you to search appropriate volunteering opportunities and guide you through the deciding process

If you are a not for profit organisation or group that involves volunteers or want to involve volunteers, register and become a member with Volunteer Centre Greenwich to gain access to their services. Your organisation and your volunteering opportunities will be added to a database which will be used by the volunteers that register with Volunteer Centre Greenwich to match their needs. If you decide to register, Volunteer Centre Greenwich can offer you a range of support, advice and information on best practice in recruiting and managing volunteers. Registration fees differ depending on what type of organisation you are. To find out more about membership fees please contact Andy Smith on 020 8853 1331 or email info@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk

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