Volunteer Centre Ealing
Ealing CVS, The Lido Centre, 63 Mattock Lane, Ealing, London, W13 9LA
Telephone: 0800 652 3183
Email: volunteering@ealingcvs.org.uk
Website: www.ealingcvs.org.uk/volunteering

If you live, work or study in the borough of Ealing and would like to volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Centre Team using the details above.

If you are an organisation based or delivering services in Ealing, the Volunteer Centre can help you recruit volunteers. To do so you will need to register. There are plenty of benefits to registering your organisation with Ealing Volunteer Centre. You can access peer support and training through the Volunteer Managers’ Forum which meets four times a year, you will be invited to the annual West London Volunteering Forum conference, you can access to awarding your volunteers for their voluntary service. They also offer advice and support to manage your volunteering programme economically and efficiently, a referral pathway for volunteers who are unsuitable for your volunteering roles, specialist advice on creating new volunteering opportunities and good management practice and access to Investing in Volunteers quality standards in effective management practice of supporting volunteers. Find out more and register.

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